tip of the iceberg



We're just getting started. We like to be a little more open about our plans and count on our users maturity to understand that not all features will make the cut.

Click and drag to move around

Recurring Invoices

Task List

Task Bulk Actions

Select multiple tasks and then process them in bulk, such as assigning a project on all of them or mass deletion.

High-Contrast Theme

With increased text size and flatter color hierarchy.


Good Size and Timing

You seem to be happy with projects of similar size and timeline as you rated them really well, maybe this is something you want to do.

Goal already reached

You already reached your yearly goal of $60,000 and don’t need to accept the project if you don’t want to.

A lot going on

You already have 6 open proposals right now and typically finish 2 projects per month, make sure you don’t overbook yourself.

Project creation

Should I take on this project?

When creating a new project Fugoya will give you feedback using the data of your workspace depending on your current workload, size, client and more.

Template Designer

Multi-Page Template Support

When creating templates you'll be able to do things like changing the layout of the first page differently than the following pages, adding a static cover page in the front or have your terms of service always attached in the back.

Template Overview

Template Gallery

Explore a diverse range of free-of-charge templates in the gallery and customize them to your liking using our flexible template designer. Make them truly yours.

Task File Uploads

Multiple Tabs Support

Data Import

Audio & Video Project Timeline Blocks

Text Variables in Email sending

Proposal & Invoice QR-Code Block

Proposal & Invoice Signature Block


Import / Export Templates

Including their images and used custom fonts. This opens up the possibilities of showcasing the work of community members.

Week Tasks

Fluid Task Week Navigation

Currently the Task Week View only shows the current day and the next couple of days depending on window size. This update allows for navigation beyond this framing.

Send email copy to yourself

Time Tracking

Time Tracking Bulk Actions

Select and edit multiple tracking entries eg. click one and shift-click another further down the list, then merge-attach all of them to a project with a single click.

Time Tracking: Auto-Accept

Project Detail Timetracking Inline-Edit

Time tracking

Time Tracking Legend

The updated legend not only enhances navigation over long distances but also provides a quick overview of days requiring attention, especially when there are unaccepted catches.



Command Panel

You know it and you love it – the classic ⌘K command panel to get stuff done with even less clicks.


Star Projects & Documents

Starring Projects and Documents like Invoices or Proposals makes them available for quick access in the left main navigation.

Preview PDF while creating Proposal or Invoice

Template Designer

Template Designer Improvements

Being able to add arbitrary lines, vector graphic support, as well as quality-of-life improvements like moving multiple types of blocks or bulk editing multiple text blocks.


will happen, evaluating scope

Mobile Companion App

We are strong believers that you can only get proper work done in a desktop situation, so the mobile app will never have feature parity with Desktop, but sometimes you really need access on the go and that's exactly what we'll focus on.


will happen, groundwork already done


Enabling Fugoya for collaboration between freelancers that work together and for small studios and low-headcount agencies.


evaluating scope


Covering aspects such as expense tracking, client expense recharging, automatic receipt image recognition, bank account auto-reconciliation, and ledger/cashbook management.


currently prototyping

AI-powered proposal generation

Get proposals auto-generated with a simple prompt leveraging your local data that gets more tailored to you the more proposals you have in Fugoya. We're aiming for on-device generation.


designing UX

Project Scheduling

Taking the time component further into consideration to better schedule at which times you have resources for projects—done in a very visual way.


evaluating how to limit scope

Document/Note/Page Creation

With the potentially powerful twist to let you create templates for your Fugoya Pages with which you can export your pages perfectly-on-brand PDFs while having the perks of a nice Notion-esque editor experience. Great for preparing information deliverables for your clients.


evaluating scope

Client Dashboard

A link you can share with your client that contains open tasks (that you flag as safe to share with client), proposals, invoices and Pages, maybe—if you want—even your whole project history with the option to have them upload files.


figuring out scope

Calendar Integration

Ideally two-way synced where meetings can be auto-attached to projects as time tracking entries and an .ical subscription that lets you optionally show Fugoya dates in your calendar app.